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Manure Spreader Trucks (Mounted)

For all of you who want a full spreader truck mount, our Heavy Duty/Industrial Manure Spreader Trucks are an excellent choice.

Spread-All is built to last, but built for convenience. Our trucks include special features such as an our simple cab controls, easy distributor (beater) removal which allows for flexibility and other uses for your box, and composite material (plastic) boards which allow for easy material removal and transport.

Of course, our most unique feature is our distributors (most companies call them beaters). These are unique to the industry and allow for more aggressive distribution of material. The chisel-point teeth act as hands, pulling and throwing the material instead of "beating" it.

These pages are designed to let you surf through and learn about our spreaders. If you desire a short, printable version, click here.

The TK20T -- Our 20-Ton Truck Spreader

Manure Spreader Trucks (Mounted) | Spread-All

20 ton truck spreader has a 7’x20’ composite material box

Our basic truck spreader. Load things up, drive it down the road as far as you need to drive it. Much faster and in many ways easier to unload than the pull-type alternative.

We’re absolutely positive you’ll love your new truck spreader and want to own it for a long time.

The TK22T -- Our 22-Ton Truck Spreader

Manure Spreader Trucks (Mounted) | Spread-All

22 ton truck spreader has a 7’x22’ composite material box.

Our heavier basic truck spreader built to handle heavy, industrial size loads. Like all of our spreaders, this one is built to last. The TK22T will minimize your load count and save you time over our TK20T.

Customized Manure Spreader Trucks

Manure Spreader Trucks (Mounted) | Spread-All

Every single truck that we build is custom built. From longer boxes to individualized distributor packages. We are here to provide your solution to your problems.

Manure Spreaders | Spread-All

Manure Spreader Truck | Spread-All Manure Spreader Truck | Spread-All Manure Spreader Truck | Spread-All Manure Spreader Truck | Spread-All
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